How Elena started a new, profitable online revenue stream for her business from scratch

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Elena Badea: Coach, consultant and entrepreneur, ex big-four director with over 25 years of experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. 
Niche: Helping successful people reach fulfilment and overcome their limitations through the power of inner transformation.
Here’s what we cover:
1. Where Elena was before joining the ClientFlow Workshop. 
2. How Elena came to the realisation she needed to start an online coaching program and why adding a B2C revenue stream became relevant considering the new world and business reality.
3. How Elena chose her niche and why defining a very specific problem based avatar made a difference
4. The structure of Elena’s program and what it looks like to work with her
5. The process Elena is currently using to get clients
6. How long did it take to find the first few clients when starting and how she’s been able to increase her pricing.   
7. The most transformative part of ClientFlow Workshop for Elena.  
Elena’s #1 piece of advice for those wanting to start or grow their online revenue stream:
Don’t waste time, act now! Push yourself!

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